Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NYC Transfer Schools - Bravo!

I would like to share some good news with The Student is the Class readers. In New York City Schools, under the direction of Chancellor Joel Klein, there has been initiated a program wherein time is used as the variable and competency the expected outcome. Currently they are building 30 high schools (known as “Transfer Schools”) where at risk 9th graders will be given the opportunity to go through an assessment process from that point until graduation. If it takes the students five or six years to achieve the needed competencies, they will not be punished along the way; instead they will be encouraged to reach the goals through the reinforcement of personal achievements.

Link Transfer High Schools


Blogger Samuel Sennott said...

Sounds like a simple and good idea: work at the pace you need to, until you succeed. What a contrast to just failing, not receiving adequate help, and then leaving.

2:09 PM  

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