Monday, March 26, 2007

To Jobs and Dell: Technology Alone Without Restructuring Won't Work

I just finished an article entitled "Jobs, Dell appraise technology, schools" on eSchool News online. Both Steve Jobs and Michael Dell make references to changes and the encouragement of the use of technology as a tool for learning, research, and communication. However, neither speaks to the restructuring and reorganizing of a school system so that “each child becomes the class”. By using computer assisted instruction (CAI) for the core areas of English and math in a self-paced mode, students are able to receive the next appropriate objective. While working on projects in a cooperative learning environment (groups of 3 or 4 students), they utilize their core competencies to do research, solve problems, and make presentations using computer programs such as PowerPoint to involve the rest of their classmates who listen and ask questions. By learning these skills, students develop the ability to acquire information via the computer, use it to analyze and synthesize information related to the problem, and share their findings with their student colleagues for the purpose of discussion. I am sure that you all would count these among the critical skills required to succeed in today's world.

Jobs, Dell appraise technology, schools


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